Past Life Soul Regression

Appointment Only

Kim Fredericks

I've been drawn toward all things metaphysical and spiritual my whole life, influenced by nurture and felt also in nature. As a highly empathic Licensed Professional Counselor in "traditional" mental health practice, I have long felt there is more to what can help us on our journeys that transcends what we can experience in the physical world with our five senses and therefore I've sought alternative modalities to aid the healing of fellow souls.  This led me to Past Life Soul Regression, or PLSR which offers the participant the means to understand and/or release past life emotional/psychological, physical, and/or spirit energy still being held in the current incarnation. With new understanding from the past life, the release of past life energy that can hinder the participant’s soul development can happen with greater ease.


By appointment only, the PLSR session includes the initial interview, the hypnotic induction and regression, and a processing period (approximately 2.5-3hours).  I would be honored to assist you in healing by exploring your past lives!