Appointment Only

World Tree Runes

Some call me a Runemaster; I say I’m simply in love. I am a reader of the runes, a life-long seeker of their secrets, and a teacher of the tales they have to tell. With one hand, the runes challenge us to better ourselves and our communities, lead us to live better lives, and then give us the tools and the power to do so with the other. They are allies and friends to those who seek them out with a genuine heart—and to those who seek them out, they respond. Perhaps you could begin (or continue) your search by contacting me.

~Hidden Runes shalt thou seek and interpreted signs, many symbols of might and power. (Hávamál 141)~

1.Rune Instruction: Courses of many Kinds:
    -Group, both Introductory and Advanced
    -Individual, by Appointment
2.Rune Readings:
    -Every Thursday, 1-5pm, by appointment
    -Flexible scheduling upon request

Keep watch for other offerings as inspiration guides me!